8 Places to Shop for Ethically Made & Socially Conscious Goods for the Home

8 Places to Shop for Ethically Made & Socially Conscious Goods for the Home

Hello Friend,

I recently got married (wahoo!) and moved into the house my husband was living in. As I moved in, I started to realize I barely knew of any brands or sites that carried ethically produced home goods.

Are you in the same boat? Well, then it’s your lucky day :)

Here is a list of my favorite sites that carry products for the home that I LOVE!

The first three are my chosen favorites for home accessories:

1. The Little Market

The little Market was founded by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla with the mission to provide a sales platform to unreached people groups around the globe. They target places that offer limited rights to women and work to provide opportunities for those populations to make a sustainable income.  



2. Badala

Badala has some cute stuff! This company was founded to employ artisans in Kenya and since their launch, they have expanded to employing artisans across East Africa and Central America. Badala is rescuing people out of poverty and sex trafficking one artisan at a time!





3. 31 Bits

Did you know 31 bits started making home goods? I feel like I live under a rock because I just figured it out.

31 Bits is a company passionate behind supply chains. Each purchase has either a positive or negative impact and they set out to provide a positive impact to families around the globe! They provide fair wages, safe and thriving working conditions, holistic care and the fulfillment of dreams. Not only are they trusted, they also provide GORGEOUS home goods to people like you and me around the world.


The following are favorites that provide more options for furniture!

 4.  Joybird

Joybird is passionate about creating a healthier and more sustainable planet by planting a tree with each purchase. They believe in building quality products by utilizing fair standards and unique techniques.


5. Viva Terra

Viva Terra uses all natural and recycled materials to build handmade products in the USA. They are committed to providing customers with socially and environmentally conscious options for their home and garden needs.  

Viva Terra's Fir Tree Trunk Stool & Accent Table


6. Rose & Fitzgerald

Rose & Fitzgerald was founded by a couple that fell in love with the native creations in Uganda. Out of their love, they created a way to bring these genuine products to customers around the world. They seek out unique products in their beloved country and ship them right to our doors!



7. Enrou

Enrou employs artisans around the world to create unique products that you will love! Their model to impact the artisan also directly impacts the community around them. This company is restoring impoverished groups of people, one group at a time.



8. Lesouque

A socially-conscious lifestyle brand seeks to match stylish customers that believe in ethically made products with unique and stylish products. With each purchase, they donate proceeds to the Malala fund to provide education to girls around the world.


I hope you enjoy these brands as much as I do! I love learning about more brands that are making an impact.

What are some of your favorites? Send me a note via my contact page and let me know!



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