Collection: From Atonement Design to Moxie Collective

Embracing the Power of Moxie in Socially Conscious Fashion

We are thrilled to announce the rebranding of our socially conscious fashion brand from "Atonement Design" to "Moxie Collective." This transformation not only signifies a new identity but also represents our commitment to empowerment, inclusivity, and the values that our customers embody in their pursuit of positive change- along with our lively spirit! 

Understanding the Perception of "Atonement":

Initially, "Atonement Design" was chosen with the intention of symbolizing growth, transformation, and creating beauty from adversity, we recognize that the word "Atonement" can evoke different undertones for people. While many associate it with positive and uplifting emotions, some have a negative response to the term. Our desire is for our community to feel encouraged in who they are and empowered to make an impact through their purchases. 

Embracing Moxie and Empowerment:

"Moxie" is a term that encapsulates courage, determination, and the ability to face challenges with unwavering strength. It perfectly embodies the vibrant spirit of our brand and the values we promote in the realm of socially conscious fashion. We firmly believe that our customers embody and reflect this "Moxie" through their dedication to making a positive impact on society and the environment, as well as their zest for life.


Why "Moxie Collective" Represents Our Vision:

  • Empowerment: "Moxie Collective" signifies empowerment through unity. As a brand, we aim to create a collective movement of individuals who share a passion for social consciousness and sustainability. Together, we can empower marginalized communities, artisans, and workers in the fashion supply chain, effecting positive change and utilizing pre-loved materials to create unique, sustainable fashion icons.
  • Courageous Action: Just like the word "Moxie" suggests, our customers are change-makers who fearlessly take action to address social and environmental issues. We celebrate their boldness in driving meaningful transformation in the fashion industry.
  • Inclusivity and Diversity: "Moxie Collective" reflects our commitment to inclusivity and celebrating diversity. We want to create a space where people from all backgrounds feel welcome and represented, fostering a community that embraces individuality and uniqueness.

Our Promise:

As "Moxie Collective," we remain steadfast in our mission to offer products that make a positive impact and spark joy within our community. Our commitment to, fair trade practices, intentional sourcing, sustainability, and encouragement remains at the heart of everything we do. We will continue to create unique, thoughtfully designed, and responsibly produced products that inspire our customers to wear their values with pride.

The transformation from "Atonement Design" to "Moxie Collective" represents our evolution towards a brand that reflects the strength and determination of our customers. We are inspired by their commitment to creating a more equitable and sustainable future, and we stand united with them in our journey of positive change.

Welcome to the Moxie Collective - where fashion meets purpose, and together, we embrace the power of "Moxie" to shape a better world.

P.S. We will keep you in the loop of our transition and when we expect to be fully transitioned by. There are many details we need to attend to, so you will be seeing both names as we sort through it!

XO, Haley Jaeger, Founder