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sseko and atonement design in home party


Want to have fun with Atonement Design in person?

Book an in-home event with us for an excuse to hang out with your friends and earn free items!

Book an in-person event:

As an event hostess, you will receive 10% of all event sales in Atonement credit to use towards the items of your choice, and 100 rewards points in your Atonement account. View our rewards program here.
Here are the event types we offer; let me know which ones sound fun to you:


  • Classic - Gather your best gals at your home, and I'll bring the shopping to you! I'll bring all the best products we have to offer, and you get to have an excuse for a party! 
  • DIY Craft Party - Includes the classic package, plus the craft activity element! Gather your friends and create a night of fun by creating your own jewelry or with a DIY kit- paint by number, macrame, etc. I'll teach you every step of the way towards your custom project!

Get your friends to come by offering their favorite beverages and snacks. Mimosas are always a good idea for a morning get together! 

Enjoy a night full of fun and purposeful shopping! I also offer my exclusive one of a kind designs at in-person events, so you would get to see those too.


Not a N. California local? Not a problem.


  • Facebook Party or FB group takeover -  Host an online event and receive 10% in credit & 100 rewards points! It's easy, all online, and we'll walk through the logistics together. 

    To book a party, email me at


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