A New Chapter

A New Chapter

Hello Lovely,


If you have come here looking for Atonement Jewelry, you will notice that things look a little different than they used to. I changed things up.


Over the last couple of years, I’ve started to realize that I have no idea where my clothes come from. I know the stores that I’ve purchased them from, but I have no idea how they got there or the conditions in which they were made or what the life is like for the person who made them. I have no idea if the person is paid adequately or if they were forced into labor.


Shopping, my old favorite pass time, has now become a somewhat stressful endeavor and becomes the source of an internal battle. I fear that my purchases will be contributing to a cause that I never intended to support.

Out of my inner turmoil, I decided to create Atonement Design- a place where you don't have to sacrifice elegance for ethical.⠀

The mission is to provide ethically made products to fashion-forward women who want to see a change in the fashion industry.⠀

The shop is a collection of items that have a caused backed behind them- some employ artisans in India and give fair wages so that a family can have a fighting chance at giving their children an education and a healthy life. Some rescue women from sex trafficking and teach them how to make clothing. ⠀

I will still sell my jewelry, of course :) ⠀

Due to some personal circumstances, I had to take a bit of a hiatus this year. Life can really throw some unexpected turns, but beauty will always come from them. I'm so excited about my new project and being able to work on my business again and I hope you enjoy it too!⠀

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