DIY Advent Wreath

DIY Advent Wreath

Are you a holiday season lover? I am too.

Growing up, our church would get together and make advent wreaths to celebrate together. I've loved this tradition and have kept it going off and on throughout the years. 
This time around, I saw a beautiful eucalyptus tree down the street and was inspired to make my own wreath this year that would host the candles we would light each week while going though an advent devotional, all leading up to lighting the center candle on Christmas Day. 
This wreath was super easy and I know you can absolutely make one too!
DIY advent wreath for holiday crafting and advent
What you'll need:
A styrofoam circle, 4 candlesticks, 1 larger candle, floral pins, green felt (optional), pen, pairing knife, hot glue gun, eucalyptus, or other greenery, your favorite ribbon.
1. Trace the candles on the styrofoam circle at each quarter-point in the circle.

DIY christmas crafts and projects

2. Cut the holes for the candles.

3. Cut felt into strips and hot glue it around the wreath. this is optional- I hated the lighter green color and didn't want it peeking through.

christmas advent crafts
4. Start laying your greenery around the wreath and pin it down. Do this until it's entirely covered.
diy advent wreath diy advent wreath
5. Put the candles in the holes.
6. Wrap the main candle in your favorite ribbon, glue it down.
7. Practice advent with your new wreath!
DIY advent wreath
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