Incredible Women Series: Bridget Brewster, Co-founder of Agape International Missions

Incredible Women Series: Bridget Brewster, Co-founder of Agape International Missions

In light of Women’s History Month, I wanted to highlight amazing women doing incredible things in the world. 

Bridget Brewster is one that has changed thousands of lives around the world, rescued children and has brought a new dynamic to the previously dangerous city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

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Bridget and her husband Don were living and pastoring a church in Roseville, CA when they learned about the sex trafficking epidemic that was happening in Cambodia. They felt a calling on their lives to do something radical to help and decided to sell their home and move to Cambodia to lead Agape International. There they started caring for the girls after they had been rescued from sex trafficking and over the years they’ve made an incredible impact in the area. 

Since this decision in 2005, Agape International they have rescued well over 1,100 girls from sex trafficking, started a school for the children in the area, have developed programs to offer healthcare, housing, rehabilitation and reintegration to survivors and families in the area and they’ve developed their own SWAT team to partner with local officials. 

The reintegration program they’ve developed includes an employment center that teaches survivors skills so they can create a sustainable income for themselves and for their families. This program has become a wonderful resource for me and Atonement Design. Through our partnership with Agape, we’ve been able to create on-trend jewelry for our customers while participating in employment opportunities to survivors in Phnom Penh. 

Because of Bridget’s willingness to say yes to the calling on her life, over a thousand girls have been rescued from sex trafficking, children have the opportunity to learn and make changes for their generation and the next, families live in safer environments and Cambodia is becoming a secure place for people to call home. 


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To learn more about Bridget and Agape International Missions, click here.

You can also listen to Bridget talk about her life and the organization on this podcast episode with Molly Stillman from the Business with Purpose Podcast.


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