Our 6 Favorite Ethical Fashion Brands That You Will Look Trendy In

Our 6 Favorite Ethical Fashion Brands That You Will Look Trendy In

Hi Friend,

I wanted to take a moment and tell you about amazing brands that are making an impact in the fashion industry. You ready?

We even carry some of them!

1. Yireh

Yireh provides trendy items that have been made in small batches by artisans in Bali who work in ethical factories. Each one of their partners receives a fair wage, one-month paid vacation, religious holidays off, sick leave, and medical insurance.

In addition, 10% of all of their profits are donated to the International Justice Mission to aid in the fight against human trafficking.

Their small batch method keeps them out of the fast fashion category and enables them to work towards creating a better world.


2. Symbology

Their company goal is to make fair-trade sexy- and that they do! They merge traditional Indian techniques with western designs and create phenomenal products.

Symbology works to provide long-term employment and fair wages to marginalized artisans. They pay each artisan a livable wage which empowers them to provide for their families, breakthrough generational poverty and create a positive change within their own cities.


3. Fair Anita

Fair Anita was born after the founder met survivors of domestic violence in Peru. She was told stories of their survival and resilience and learned that employment was the most important factor for escape. This brand now exists to provide women and girls with long-term opportunities that pay 3x the minimum wage so they can respond to violent gender dynamics within their communities. They now work within 16 countries to provide women with safe working environments and empower them to thrive in their everyday lives!




4. Elegantees

Elegantees was originally created to donate proceeds to fight against human trafficking but was then given the opportunity to work directly with trafficking survivors. They partnered with an organization in Nepal to open a sewing center that would provide these women with a fair wage and long-term employment. They now employ 18 women full time with 2-3x the minimum wage and actively seek to employ more! Through their efforts, they are combating human trafficking and continue to save one family at a time. 



5. Atonement Design

This one is my baby & it is broken up into two components: Atonement Design USA & Atonement Design Thailand

Atonement Design USA

Currently, I am designing and creating all the jewelry on our website. The products are made right here in the USA out of semi-precious gemstones, gold plated & filled findings and sterling silver. After these items are purchased, I will donate part of the proceeds to the A21 Campaign to fight against human trafficking!

Atonement Design Thailand

As of the summer of 2018, Destiny Rescue is working on producing samples of our latest line! Destiny Rescue is an organization with bases in Thailand, Cambodia, India, the Dominican Republic, and the Philippines that rescue children out of the sex trade in these countries. The build trusted relationships with children that are being trafficked and partner with anti-trafficking police to facilitate a rescue. They then work to restore the survivors and help them transition into a healthy and whole lifestyle. These kids and young adults are given medical care and pastoral care and live in rescue homes where they receive nutritious meals, education and can play in a peaceful environment. When they reach the appropriate age, they are then taught various skills like sewing, jewelry making, hairstyling, waitressing or cooking.

I'm able to partner with their jewelry making program and they will be making my new designs this year! I can’t wait to pursue a journey with this amazing organization!





In Ethiopia (and many other countries!), extreme poverty is consistently driving young women to prostitution to make ends meet for their families.

ABLE set out to provide women with an alternative solution.

By providing women with an opportunity to earn a livable wage, they are ending generational poverty, one family at a time.

ABLE now works with women in Ethiopia, Mexico, Peru, and Nashville, TN to produce beautiful leather goods, clothing, jewelry, and footwear.

Their brand is incredibly trendy and will certainly make anyone second guess purchasing products from any major fast fashion brand!


I hope you love our products as much as I do & I hope these brands inspire you to shop consciously!

Atonement Design is a collection of ethically produced & cause-based products.
We hand select (and create!) designs that are fashion-forward, trendy and give back. Every brand on this site produces their products fairly, commits to giving back and treats their artisans and manufacturers with dignity.
Our customer will always be the best dressed in the room and she will always carry the confidence of a clear conscience. She will never have to sacrifice style for virtue.
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