Rana Plaza: Did We Forget?

Do you guys remember the tragic event that happened at Rana Plaza? 

On April 24, 2013, 1,134 men, women, and children were tragically killed and 2,000 others were critically injured in the fall of Rana Plaza. This Bangladeshi building housed 5 different garment factories that were used to produce clothing for an array of ‘fast fashion’ brands. Deep structural cracks were seen in the factory the day prior and workers begged managers to let them stay outside of the factory on the morning of April 24, they feared the structural weaknesses of the building. The managers denied the workers request, demanded they enter the building to work and shortly after, many were killed. This was the deadliest garment factory collapse in history. Brands like J.C. Penney, Joe Fresh, Benetton, Bon Marche, Cato Fashions, The Children's Place, El Corte Ingles, Kik, Mango, Matalan, Primark, Texman, and Walmart had been known to use the facilities inside Rana Plaza for manufacturing.

The fashion industry generates $1.2 trillion dollars a year, yet people are still living in extreme poverty while risking their lives to go to work each day. We have to be better than this.

It's been five years since the collapse of Rana Plaza and large portions of the fashion industry are still creating poverty and harming workers.

Do you know where your clothes come from? Do you know who made your products? We have to do better than this.

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