Shopping Ethically Made Easy!

Shopping Ethically Made Easy!

Do you have trouble finding ethically made products? I do.

Every time I’m at the mall, I feel like I’m in a losing battle. I see products I like but I have no idea if they were made in an ethical manner, if people were treated properly during the production or if the brand is one I should support.

We vote with our dollar every day. Whenever we purchase something, we are saying we are in support of that particular brand and all that we do. When we shop with brands that promote sweatshops and exploitation of workers, we are saying that we support their means of production. I don’t know about you, but that’s NOT something I want to support.

Going by the local mall was frustrating for me until I found the most AMAZING app that changed the way I shop by telling me what brands I can and can’t support.

The app is called Good On You.

All you do is type your chosen brand into their search bar. When you hit submit, it pops up with a company profile that tells you whether you should avoid or buy, and gives you various scales that represent how the company is performing in regard to labor, the environment, and animal testing. In a matter of seconds, you can research the ethics of almost any fashion company. How cool is that?

Yesterday, I went to pick up some new undies but I was concerned with how they were made. As I went store to store, I had my app open and typed in each brand I came across. It was awesome! I got some new little things that are totally safe! 

Do you want to know the best part? The app is FREE!

Go to your app store and download Good On You today!



Naja has some cute undies that totally comply with mindful living!


And we have some cute things too!





I hope you enjoy!


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