How To Partner With Afghan Families Right Now

There are plenty of ways to partner with families resettling here from Afghanistan, but I wanted to narrow it down to make it easier to make a decision and issue help quickly.

Here are some great ways to get out there and partner today:

With World Relief.
WR has locations everywhere, so you could reach out to the location closest to you and see what they need, or you can partner with the one in Sacramento, CA. 
They need: 


With Save The Children

Save the children is also working to help the children affected by the crisis. If you are already familiar with this organization and would like to support through them, you can do so here. 


With International Rescue Committee

IRC is an incredible organization that has worked with refugees around the world for years. Donate to IRC here. 


By emailing your reps

You can also email our reps to advocate for refugees. Find out how here. 


If you're the praying type, you can also pray through World Relief's prayer requests:     

  1. World Relief teams will be a reflection of Christ in word and deed;

  2.  Afghanis being resettled to be welcomed in their new community;

  3. They would have the resources they need to start a new life here;

  4. Healing – physical, emotional, spiritual

  5. World Relief staff – strength and wisdom to serve effectively.

  6. Funding for World Relief offices to fully meet all the resettlement expenses.


You can also learn more about helping our Afghan Allies below:

From World Relief. Learn here. 

This IG live from world relief + women of welcome was very informative. Watch it here. 

Vox news put out a podcast about how the Taliban took back Afghanistan. Listen to that here.  

NPR has some informative articles about how this can be detrimental to Afghan women, read them here. 


I hope this helps you!


Haley J