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Our commitment to sustainable fashion extends beyond just our lines of women’s clothing into bags and other accessories. These items are ethicaly created by multiple organizations operating around the world working to create a better world by fighting human trafficking, domestic violence, and multi-generational poverty. These organizations help victims escape abuse by offering them fair wages and employment.

These beautiful rattan bags are created by fair trade artisans in Bali. We work with organizations that provide its workers with fair wages, healthy and positive work environments and aid in sustaining the people’s needs on the Island. Other designs are manufactured here in the USA by heavily monitored factories that adhere to ethical work environments, pay their employees adequately and fairly, provide benefits and uphold a healthy work environment.

By partnering with these organizations we work to make ethical and fair trade fashion more accessible. We feel that given a choice people will choose ethical fashion options, and in doing so help fund organizations fighting for a better tomorrow.

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